Patient Education

We envision a world, where dentists will not just treat their patients’ dental issues, but they will also take the time to educate them, in order to prevent those issues.
Just like with any other field of medicine, in dental medicine, prevention is the key to achieve the greatest dental health.
People should visit their dentist, regularly, and from the early stages of their lives. It is the responsibility of every parent to care for their children’s dental health by ensuring their regular visits to a dentist.

Patient Satisfaction

We not only strive to provide our patients with world-class services, but we also do our best so that our patients receive the highest satisfaction from our treatment and services. Although that holds true with any other field of business, in dentistry it is imperative that the patients are satisfied by their dentist’s services. Studies have shown that an unhealthy mouth can be the cause of several psychological and social problems. Here in Tandartsenpraktijk Houtwijk, we don’t just care about your dental health – We care about you!



“We create happy smiles!”

— Dr. Kogias